Trans NH Bike Ride

Since 1987, the Trans NH Bike Ride has been the event for people looking for a ride that’s unique, benefits the Muscular Dystrophy Association of New Hampshire. The event welcomes riders of all ages and riding abilities.

Participating cyclists can choose between three ride options: a 3-day ride, a 2-day ride and a 1-day ride. The 3-day ride begins on Friday, June 21, 2019 with a 90-mile ride starting from the Canadian border at Beecher’s Falls and ends on North Woodstock, NH. On Saturday June 22d, riders who have opted for the 2-day ride join the group for a 70-mile long ride from North Woodstock to Concord, NH. On Sunday, June 23, one-day riders enter the event for a 55-mile ride from Concord to Portsmouth, NH.

Much of the ride passes through some of the most beautiful areas in New Hampshire, with excellent ride support along the route. Ride volunteers serve up snacks, sandwiches, water, energy drinks and other essentials for your ride at rest stops located every 20 miles or so. A roving mechanical support is on hand throughout each day to help with flat tires and other bike issues. Massage therapists will be on hand on day 1 and day 2. Hotel accommodations are arranged for those who choose the 3-day or 2-day options, with a full dinner and entertainment scheduled every night.

For those who may be meeting riders and others who might not be ready or able to do the full one-day ride we are offering a 20-mile ride that will start at the Cisco Brewers Pub parking lot and wind through the back roads of Newington and the surrounding area. Your ride will end at the Newington Fire Department where you’ll meet up with all our other riders for our ceremonial ride to the finish line barbecue at Cisco Brewers Pub.

The Trans NH Bike Ride is a fundraising supporting the Muscular Dystrophy Association of New Hampshire.

The fundraising minimums are $1000 for the 3-day ride; $650 for the 2-day ride; $250 for the 1-day ride; and $100 for the Fun Ride. There is also a $51 registration fee applied toward your fundraising minimum. Please visit the event’s website for more information.

Organizer: Trans-NH Bike Ride

When: June 21 to June 23, 2019

Where: Beecher’s Falls, North Woodstock, Concord, Portsmouth, NH

Event website: Trans NH Bike Ride